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NEVZA Championships U17 2017 - Day 2, summary

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Day 2, Tuesday the 17th of October

(See all exact results, pictures etc. at https://www.facebook.com/nevzau17/)


FIN-SWE (2-3): The young Finnish team faced a strong and tall Swedish team in the first match of the day. The two teams played on a high level most of the match and proved that both teams are to be considered as top teams of the tournament. The teams needed 5 exciting sets to find Sweden as a winner, in the best girl’s match of the tournament so far.

ISL-GRL (3-0): Iceland had full control of the match in the first two sets. In the third set showed Greenland good serving and put some pressure on the Icelandic girls, but not enough to gain a set. A nice win for Iceland and a great improvement by Greenland.

ENG-FAR (3-0): England qualified for the quarterfinal by winning the match against the Faroe Islands. The teams were quite close in all sets until the middle of the sets. From that point England got the momentum and finished the sets. Faroe Islands will play for the ranking 5-8

NOR-DEN (1-3): The final in pool A between Norway and Denmark, was a very close and exciting match in the first two sets. The last two sets Denmark had a little more power and closed the match 3-1. Denmark is now ready for the semifinal Wednesday at 19.30, while Norway will play quarterfinal Wednesday at 9.00.

SWE-GRL (3-0): Sweden secured the 1st place in pool B, by winning the match against Greenland. Greenland scored the most points in their three matches so far, but it was enough to win a set. Sweden will play semifinal 17.30 Wednesday and Greenland will start playing for the 5th – 8th place at 15.30.

FIN-ISL (3-0): Finland started out as expected, as the leading team. In the second set Iceland had a really good period and took a big lead, but Finland made a nice come back and won the set. The third set was also won by Finland. Both teams will play quarterfinal Wednesday. Iceland against Norway at 09.00 and Finland against England at 11.00.


SWE-NOR (3-0): A well-organized team from Sweden started day 2 in the boys tournament against Norway. Sweden had the momentum most of the match, but Norway also had their moments. By the end of the sets, Sweden was the strongest team and closed the match in three sets.

DEN-FAR (3-0): The first set was quite close between the two teams. But Denmark kept the lead throughout the set and secured a victory in three straight sets.

ENG-ISL (3-1): England won three sets with a comfortable lead, but Iceland showed good team spirit by winning the third set. Iceland is ready for the quarterfinal as number three in the pool D. England will play for the 1st place against Finland in the last match of the day.

NOR-FAR (0-3): Faroe Islands, with four boys from the senior national team squad, was the strongest team in the first set, second and third set, but with the smallest possible difference in favor of Faroe Islands. All sets was won by 2 points and Faroe Islands are ready for the quarterfinal, while Norway will play for the 5th to 7th place.

SWE-DEN (3-0): Sweden were too strong for the Danish team in the final in pool C. Denmark had their changes in the 1st set but missed them and in the last two sets Sweden had the control. Sweden are ready for the semifinal at 19.00 Wednesday and Denmark will play quarterfinal at 10.00 against Iceland.

FIN-ENG (3-2): England started the match on fire and won the first set. The rest of the match continued as a hard battle between the two teams. At the end, Finland was a bit stronger and secured the spot at the top of pool D.
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